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Motts – New Bike Repair Station

By July 29, 2021General

We would like to highlight our latest addition to the Motts Run Trails! We would like to proudly recognize Oliver H. and the entire Trek Bicycle – Fredericksburg team for the grant donation towards the purchase of a bike repair station.

This bike repair station has a hanging bike mount, wheel block, tire pump, and all the common tools needed for a trailside repair. We are so excited to add yet another repair station to our natural surface trail infrastructure (First was at Sunshine Ball Park).

We would also like to say thank you again to Trek for the previously donated tracked wheelbarrow, which has come in handy for moving around erosion control pavers, gravel, and dirt that has been installed and used on the trails!

We would like to recognize the amazing VOLUNTEERS who did the work prepping and finishing the site and building and installing the stand. Thank you to Lindy K., Joe K., Lynn F., Gavin M., and Rob M.

Lastly, we would like to recognize Fredericksburg Parks, Recreation & Events for their consistent support and all the wonderful local businesses who have supported the trails, the donors, and the volunteers that continually strive towards Fredericksburg becoming a must visit trail location!

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