FredTrails Membership:

Membership enables our non-profit organization and volunteers to:

  • Purchase materials and tools to expand, upgrade, and maintain your trails.
  • Rent equipment to expand, upgrade, and maintain your trails.
  • Sponsor events on your trails.

FredTrails offers the following memberships with voting privileges:

Individual Membership:

  • $30 a year
  • Only individual persons are eligible for Individual memberships.

Family Membership:

  • $50 a year
  • Only individuals in a Family of two or more individuals in the same household are eligible for Family memberships.

Student Membership:

  • $20 a year
  • Only students enrolled full-time in an accredited school are eligible for Student memberships.

Membership through Volunteering:

  • With 4 hours or more documented volunteer hours for FredTrails by any individual or each family member are eligible for a year’s membership at no cost.

Purchase Membership

Would you like to DONATE beyond your membership?

Support FredTrails by making your tax-deductible donation today!

Your donations to FredTrails annual fundraising drive helps build great trail experiences by providing precious resources to support our community towards its recreation and conservation goals.  Donations also fuel key events that advocate the building of multi-use trails on public land, helps educate land managers on trails and their positive impacts on the community, and provides funding for the purchase of tools and materials to support building and maintaining trails.  If your life has been touched by recreating on the trails, please give generously. Thank you!