Mission Statement

To protect and expand bicycle and pedestrian access to off-road trails in the greater Fredericksburg Virginia Region, by means of advocacy, communication, education, recreation and trail work, promoting health, wellness, community involvement and fun.

Goals and Objectives

1. Advocacy in addressing the full spectrum of trail concerns:
  • Maintain the integrity of existing trails while identifying areas for improvement on existing trails and execute sound practices to reduce impact on surrounding environment.
  • Design and construct trail terrain opportunities for all skill level of users maximizing access and minimizing both risk of user harm and environmental impact from all reasonably anticipated trail use for the life of the trail.
  • Collaborate with local historical, cultural and environmental experts in the design, construct and modification of trails that provide minimizing the impact access upon historical features and related landmarks.
  • Repair trail damage from weather events (i.e.: Tree deadfall, debris, erosion, etc.) and improper trail use (i.e.: riding muddy surfaces, unauthorized routes and re-routes, etc.)
2. Consistent communication:
  • Develop strong working relationships through collaboration with local municipalities, land owners and managers, various public and private entities, all trail users and visiting groups advocating and encourage outdoor recreation in open forum of discussion.
  • Regulate trail user access during periods of sensitive soil conditions or use by competing trail using groups for purposes of stewardship and safety.
  • Recognition of all supporters, volunteers and donors through any means open to our organization.
3. Relevant education:
  • Educate trail users on proper trail practices and relevant etiquette
  • Offer educational skills development while simultaneously nurturing and growing the base of respectful trail users.
4. Community involvement and unique social events:
  • Offer events (group rides, hikes, gatherings) that will appeal to all trail users.
  • Create a centralized opportunity to meet, greet and enjoy the outdoors across the entire community.
  • Foster healthy living by offering and supporting social events that promote staying active while maintaining and introducing fitness and wellness into our community.
  • Support and provide various rides, encouragement, fun, skill development, socializing and the opportunity to experience trail racing as a team.
  • Provide a centralized web-based forum for trail users to interact in the community.