Open Positions

See Descriptions of the positions below. All positions are for a period of two years. Self nominations are accepted.
Please fill in all blank lines before submitting your application.

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Trail Manager/Trail Boss
  • Activities Coordinator
  • Grants Coordinator
  • Member-At-Large; Board Member
  • Member-At-Large; Information Technology Coordinator
  • Member-At-Large; Membership Coordinator

    I, , nominate for the position of of the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance.

    The Nominee’s experience or passion for this position includes:

    I am interested in supporting the goals of the organization.
    If I nominated a candidate, I attest that I have discussed this with them before nominating them.

    Board of Directors Position Descriptions

    Position: President
    Description: The President presides at all meetings of the members and the Board of Directors, has general and active management of the business of the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance, and sees that orders and resolutions of the Board are carried into effect.  Coordinate and set agenda for BOD and other the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance meetings.  Conduct Select Committee and full Board meetings.  Represent the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance with public officials, land owners and any activity where legal counsel is needed or present.  Communicates with police and other authorities having jurisdiction regarding emergency trail issues.

    Position: Secretary
    Description: The Secretary maintains the official record of the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance, including all membership records. The Secretary shall attend all Board meetings and record all votes and the minutes of all proceedings. The Secretary shall maintain copies of the Articles of Incorporation and all amendments in effect, the Bylaws and all amendments in effect, other Rules, MOU’s and all correspondence of the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance.

    Position: Treasurer
    Description: The Treasurer serves as the chief financial officer of the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance. Has custody of the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance’s funds and financial records and shall keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance. The Treasurer shall deposit all moneys and other valuables in the name of the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance in such depositories as the Board may designate. The Treasurer shall collect all moneys due the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance and shall be responsible for the dispersal of all funds as the Board may authorize. The Treasurer shall render to the Board at its regular meetings, or whenever the Board may require it, an account of all transactions and the financial condition of the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance. The Treasurer shall prepare or cause to be prepared annually a full and correct statement of the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance financial condition, including a balance sheet and a statement of operations for the preceding fiscal year, which shall be submitted at the annual meeting of the membership. The Treasurer shall file annual taxes on behalf of the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance.

    Position: Marketing Coordinator
    Description: The Marketing Coordinator actively seeks and maintains sponsorship opportunities from businesses, other organizations or individuals that may be local, regional or national, including promoting annual giving, special gifts, writing proposals and securing grants, and managing any investments or endowments

    Position: Activities Coordinator
    Description: The Activities Coordinator is responsible for public relations and communications and associated Committees to focus on building community support and a sense of community responsibility for the trails, events, races, and fun.

    Position: Trail Manager/Trail Boss
    Description: Working in conjunction with other trail bosses, the trail manager/trail boss is responsible for the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance’s mission for trail expansion, new trail location, planning major features or bridges, maintenance and related projects, and partnering and collaborating with other organizations that may have jurisdiction over a project and trail.

    Position: Grants Coordinator
    Description: The Grants Coordinator coordinates and oversees the grant application and management process including actively identifying potential new funding sources, development of funding resources for existing and proposed programs and/or services, writing grants, developing budgets with the assistance of other members of the board, create and maintain contacts at grant-funding agencies, and maintaining relevant databases used in grant-funding applications.

    Position: Member-At-Large, Board Member
    Description: A Member at Large is an officer whose duties and responsibilities are not fixed but instead vary according to the needs of the association and as directed by the other officers of the board

    Position: Member-At-Large, Information Technology Coordinator
    Description: The Information Technology Coordinator works towards maintaining the FredTrails website and other information technology based support.

    Position: Member-At-Large, Membership Coordinator
    Description: The Membership Coordinator is responsible for current memberships and working towards gaining new membership. Provide welcome packet and email to new members, alert current members on their membership expiration. Work towards identifying membership incentives for members with local businesses.