Quarry Trail Signage Project

Project Overview

The Quarry Trail System, consists of numerous intersecting trails along the Rappahannock River and parallel ridgeline.  It is a very popular trail system but the consistent complaint is that there is no signage and it is very easy to get lost.  This project will provide signage for a safer experience.
The Quarry Trail System map (below) highlights the expansive network of trails and the green dot symbols represent the locations of the signage required for this project.
The funds will provide the 6×6 posts, the aluminum plates and the vinyl printed signs and arrows that will provide guidance to all riders, hikers and runners in the Quarry Trail System. The system has become more popular with visiting riders but they consistently describe the number one detractor of the trails is the lack of signage. At present, there is zero signage for a network consisting of more than 14 intersecting trails covering about 17 miles of single track. Several intersections have three or more trails that connect at that point so it can be very confusing for unfamiliar riders and runners. The signage will provide a much safer and greatly enhanced experience for all users of the trails.

Funding Requirements

The funding requirement for this project is $5,500.00.

Total $ donations for completing the Quarry Signage Project:


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