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Trail Posts & Signs

By November 27, 2023General

Eagle eyed and avid trail users may have noticed a lack of signposts at some important junctions in our amazing local trail system. Fear no more, as heroic efforts by some FTA Board Members and courageous volunteers have brought posts to those trails that are lacking. New signposts have been installed at the end of Ridgeline/top of Gratitude at the Quarry and at the bottom of the Trench Hill trail as well as the start and end of the new section of Reservoir Trail at Motts Run! A big Fred Trails thank you to Jeff B, Jeff G, Joe K, Lindy K, Rob Mauro and Rob Maple!

As our trail network grows and develops, we are striving to build a positive and welcoming environment for all trail users; so say hi to others you meet on the trails! It’s always a great day outside with good company! And be sure to thank our amazing volunteers and board members if you see them on the trails! Stay warm out there!

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