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ROTC Trail Work Days

By April 9, 2023General

Fred Trails and The JROTC program of Spotsylvania County Schools held two trail maintenance days to enhance the Fredericksburg trail systems. On March 26, after a day’s delay of cold rain and thunder, the crews headed out to the Isle of Pines section of the Motts system. There was a hazardous pin turn that, with the wrong move, could end up with the trail user in a ravine several feet off the tread. The JROTC cadets helped dig a reroute. The work included removing the hairpin turn and extending the trail up the hill to avoid a fall line and conserve soil from further erosion. The cadets benched in a smoother, longer turn and connected it to the existing trail once the trail tread straightened out.

Day two, April 2, turned our efforts to the Quarry Trail System. The main trail to Ridge is Pool Pass West. The cadets hucked pavers up Pool Pass, dug out the trail, and resurfaced it with pavers to protect and conserve tread. They put in nicks for water runoff and smoothed out parts of the trail that was eroded and unsustainable. The cadets and Fred Trails team worked hard through a cold and windy morning.

Overall, over ninety cadets participated in their Service Learning Project, led by Commander Camille Trotta. Together, with the Fred Trails crew, we logged over 480 volunteer hours to the Fredericksburg Trail system. The project illustrates how community members can get together and accomplish great things.

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