TRAIL STATUS UPDATE: All Quarry and Mott’s Run trails are OPEN! Keep in mind there may be some sitting water (especially on the lower trails at the quarry). If so, please move through the center of the puddles.

Trail Status Descriptions

The trails are open. Ensure that you always wear blaze orange or other bright colors throughout hunting season.
The trails are closed due to wet and/or muddy conditions. The general rule of thumb is to wait 24 hours for every inch of rainfall. This clock generally begins after the rain event has stopped.  There may be deviations to this rule in cases where there has been a lot of rainfall over the prior days or if it has been bone dry prior to the rain event.
Freeze-Thaw Cycle: This means that until all the water evaporates from or permeates into the ground, when temperatures are 32 degrees and below, dirt trails will be firm and safe to use, but when the day heats up and the temperature rises above 32 degrees, the ice melts and the trail becomes mushy and VERY vulnerable to damage.
The best time to use the trails in the week ahead will be in the early hours of the day. Keep in mind that with the varying topography, some parts of trails will heat up faster due to sun penetration and effectively be too muddy to use. Trail users, please use good judgment: if you notice soil sticking to your wheels or boots, please do the right thing and exit the trail.
The trails are closed due to an active hunting event or other special event.